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It's Time

By Scott Chase, Energy Department Manager

Oil prices experienced a rise due to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s and the conflict in Gaza. The April contract rose by 0.79% and settled at $79.21 per barrel. Projections suggest a 170,000 barrels per day (BPD) increase, significantly lower than the Energy Department’s earlier estimate of 290,000 BPD. Investors closely monitor developments in conflicts and production trends, which will impact oil prices. The market’s susceptibility to political uncertainties and the balance between supply and demand will keep stakeholders on the lookout for the ever-changing prices of the oil industry. On the home front, we saw prices increase due to the sharply cold temperatures in January but have seen them flatline for the past week. In closing, we want to remind everyone that we are here for all your service needs and springtime supplies. It’s time to book your fuel needs.




Cenex Engine & Hydraulic Oils

By Gerry Crawford, Energy Sales

Scott and I hope that everyone has safely dug out of the last few winter snowstorms we have had in our trade area.

This is a good time to top off your oil and grease needs for the new year. You can take advantage of the gift cards for gallons program, by qualifying for a $50.00 gift card for every 100 gallons purchased November 1, 2023 to February 29, 2024.  We wanted to provide you with some information on the high-quality engine and hydraulic oils that CFC offers.

TMS diesel engine oil

  • Protects new and older diesel engines with exhaust emission control systems operating on ultra-low sulfur diesel
  • Minimizes sludge deposits and prevents soot build-up for longer engine life
  • Reduces downtime by neutralizing contaminants, keeping engines clean in severe conditions
  • Ideal for both agriculture, construction, over-the-road fleets, and diesel irrigation engines

Maxtron synthetic diesel engine oil

  • Up to 7x more shear stable than competitors
  • Improved performance in extreme temperatures
  • Decreases downtime by reducing maintenance without sacrificing oil quality
  • Restores fuel economy up to 3% in extreme conditions and 2% in normal conditions

Tractor Hydraulics Fluid

Qwiklift HTB

  • Offers twice the gear load carrying capability of leading OEM fluids
  • Provides four times the protection of copper components common in tractor hydraulic systems
  • Delivers enhanced friction control for smooth clutch engagements and less brake chatter
  • Significantly reduces sludge, varnish and acid buildup for optimized hydraulic performance

Maxtron THF + Full Synthetic

  • Enhances hydraulic precision and improves pumpability in extreme temperatures
  • Minimizes downtime by reducing friction and providing superior pump, gear, brake, transmission and hydraulic system protection
  • Significantly diminishes noise and damage caused by wet brake chatter
  • Extends oil life by providing superior oxidation control in high-temperature applications

Gasoline Engine Oils

Auto Gold Synthetic blend

A well-balanced synthetic blend gasoline engine oil tested and proven to protect critical components from excess wear and heat caused by intense engine pressures. Formulated with a combination of high quality, mineral and synthetic base oils and a high viscosity index improver for excellent extreme temperature pumpability and anti-wear protection during cold startups.

Maxtron Full Synthetic

Is a high-performing engine oil designed to far exceed the newest and most stringent industry performance standards including API SP, Resource Conserving and ILSAC GF-6A. These oils meet new car warranty requirements and are backward compatible to the older API, ILSAC and OEM performance requirements. Maxtron is also formulated with high quality, high viscosity index full-synthetic base oils and a shear stable viscosity index improver for outstanding high temperature protection and low temperature pumpability.

Thank you for your business and enjoy the remainder of the winter season.




Looking Forward to the New Year

By Scott Chase, Energy Department Manager

The time of year has come when you must start looking at what you need for spring. It is an excellent time to top off your oil and grease needs for the new year. Take advantage of the Gallons Program; for every 100 gallons purchased, you qualify for a $50.00 gift card. The bulk oil truck is loaded and can provide Cenex Super lube TMS 15w-40, and Qwiklift HTB. Cenex can provide 30 and 50-gallon barrel drums with fully synthetic oils. Lastly, Cenex provides bulk def for tractor and truck exhaust needs.

Overseas threats in the Suez Canal continue to slowly drive the trend prices of crude oil. Drone attacks from Houthi rebels off the cost of Yemen deter trade with Israel. We are always watching the markets both locally and in our world. In closing gasoline prices declined in December 2023, which is .67 lower than a year ago.

Everyone at Central Farmers Cooperative would like to wish our patrons a Happy New Year and we look forward to servicing all your needs in 2024.




CFC's Safety & Delivery Policies

As a valued propane customer, your safety is our main concern.
We would like to make you aware of our delivery policies.
Our policies follow the National Fire Protection Association mandates, state codes, insurance requirements
and the CFC credit policies.
We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you this coming season.
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