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Roller Coaster

By Mike Fuerst, Area Manager, Scotland

What a roller coaster of a year; started out with an unbelievable amount of wind leaving us to wonder how we will ever get any spraying done this year. Most of the growers planted in dust, and planting season was here and gone before we knew it. With great welcome, wind slowed enough to get the spraying done without a lot of delays. Somehow with lack of rain (mostly south of the interstate) crops were not a complete disaster but a lot less than what normally should be.

Now with harvest going, threats of fire and the wind held up some growers from combining during the day, trying to prevent fire. Fall spraying was held up as well, but the last couple days you could look around and see more empty fields. Sprayers are moving, as well as helicopters and airplanes, getting as much done in this low wind and nice temperatures before Mother Nature shows us what she has for us next.

Let us start looking forward to next year. Call your local agronomist about CMT, composite samples and farm plans. When harvest is complete, don’t just park the equipment. Fall and winter are good times to take those trucks and tractors to one of CFC’s stations to get service and DOT inspections done. Remember, our stations are always available to take your bulk fuel, oil and def orders. As always, we all thank you for your continued business.




Soil Testing & Seed

By Jeff Schmiesing, Agronomy Department Manager

With fall in full swing now, the agronomy team has a lot of things going on. Soil testing is going full bore with the crops coming off. Our CMT program is really going over big this year with the short crop, and fertilizer prices being higher than normal. With our variable rate program, you are putting the fertilizer where you need it and not where you don’t need it. Using this type of management tool shows a very good return on investment. With the moisture pattern we had this year, it is very hard to treat the whole field the same on every acre. By going to two half acres grids you are getting a very accurate look at your field and putting the fertilizer where you need it. Also, our CMT program tests for PH. This will tell you if you need to lime your field. Our biggest yield advantage usually comes in the area you lime. The test is good for a 4-year period. If you would like your salesmen to go through our CMT variable rate program, please give them a call.

The salesmen are also busy out selling seed, and riding in combines to see what varieties are doing this year, to help make variety picks for next year. With the dry weather, some of the information is not as good as other areas. That is why it pays to have a large area, so you can get many looks at a hybrid as many times as you can. There are also some early order programs going on right now that you may want to look at. The biggest question in the seed department is ‘What type of soybean seed are you going to plant for soybeans next year?’ There is the Enlist E3 triple stack bean, that you can use Enlist, Liberty, and glyphosate on; or the Dicamba Flex bean which you can use Dicamba, Liberty, or glyphosate on. Before deciding, talk to your salesmen on weeds, summer conditions, and overall characteristics of the bean. 





By Clay Hespe, Agronomist, Dimock

After the rain, combines are starting to get in the fields again. If there is any fall fertilizing that we can do to help with the work load next spring, it would be a benefit for all of us.

We have some programs and financing options available. We would like the opportunity to sit down with you, to put a proposal together. As always, the earlier, the better to maximize discounts.

We are having continued success with our variable rate fertilizer program, CMT. With all the yield variability in fields this year this continues to help us maximize return on your fertilizer investment. Whether it’s looking into the CMT program or composite sampling, contact your local agronomist.


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